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Agro-Practice is a young company that for the seventh year has been giving young people of Ukraine an excellent opportunity to complete an official internship in Denmark, gain professional skills, see the whole of Europe and improve their financial situation.

The office is located in Lviv, but this does not limit us in cooperation with people from all over Ukraine. The peculiarity of our company is that we not only provide high-quality and reliable services, full documentary support, but also that we work only with verified farmers.



Get a job in Denmark
through Agro-Practice!

Get a job in Denmark with the help of Agro-Practice - simple, fast, high-quality!
After all, Denmark's doors are always open for hardworking foreigners, including Ukrainians.
Our Agro-Practice team has been working for seven years and already has something to be proud of, because we offer work in Denmark on very good terms.

Working in Denmark is an excellent chance to earn well and get new impressions of the European country. Call us right now for a consultation!

We open borders for you!

Безымянный-5_Монтажная область 1.png
Безымянный-6_Монтажная область 1.png


St. Nicholas Copernicus, 20

Lviv city, Lviv region, Ukraine, 79000

Mon-Fri 10:00-19:00

Sat-Sun 10:00-14:00


Fill out the form and we will contact you
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